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Rich Cockrell

Rich Cockrell

Client Experience Associate, Registered Assistant

Over the past 20 years, Rich has held positions and performed work across a broad spectrum of the financial services industry. His past experience in retail banking, business development, brokerage, and client service has proven to be invaluable, as he has helped us satisfy client needs seamlessly, across a broad range of focus areas in their financial lives. His comfort level interacting with clients daily, coupled with new experience on the operational side of our business, has helped the team improve efficiencies, and also contributed to our team’s growth. Client feedback regarding Rich’s service is laudable and up to the high standard we always strive for in every client interaction.

Growing up as the middle child, in a family that moved cross-country during his formative years, Rich brings a unique perspective of having lived on both coasts, including the New England area, and the Southeast. It is uncommon for Rich to find himself without a geographical connection, or way to genuinely connect with a client in conversation. Well rounded, well traveled. We see this as an asset to our business.

Rich enjoys interacting with clients, and feels deep satisfaction in helping clients accomplish operational tasks that enable them to accomplish their short-term and long-term financial goals. Whether that is wiring funds for a client’s dream home, or linking outside accounts for ease of transfer.

Outside of work, Rich enjoys the great outdoors, maintaining a fitness routine, weekend travel to nearby cities with lifelong friends, and the occasional ski trip out West. This year, he will be returning to Jackson Hole Wyoming in December, after a several year hiatus. Knowing Rich, he will spend a few hours watching financial shows while relaxing.