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Our Story

Breathe Easy, We're Here to Put You First

For the vast majority of our careers, it felt to us that there was a very clear hierarchy in advisory decision-making. Financial professionals were called to help meet the needs of the client, then the needs of the firm. Client first, firm second. Recently, that prioritization feels as if it has done a 180°. We're working to re-establish those earlier and correct client-first priorities.

Harvest Wealth is a leading independent wealth management firm comprised of intelligent, experienced financial professionals who truly seek to put your needs first. Keeping our clients and their best interests as our top priority is the reason we founded Harvest Wealth in the first place. Being independent is the only way we know to help ensure that your needs will always come first.

Our Core Values

Harvesting vs. Consuming

We’ve crafted and evolved the Harvesting strategy. We’ve tested it over time and believe it is the most appropriate path to sustainable wealth management for each of our clients.

Clients First

We’ve seen the financial industry move away from accessibility and putting clients first, but we’re committed to delivering high-touch service all the time, anytime.

Teach, not Sell

Our role is to meet clients where they are and make the details of what we do for them comprehensive and clear, including an emphasis on intergenerational wealth management.

Corporate Service Experience

Our knowledge with concentrated stock management positions us to uniquely help executives and retired executives integrate their equity awards into a comprehensive plan.

The Harvest Name and Strategy

We aim to help you avoid costly impulsive decisions by giving you confidence in the longevity and sustainability of your plan because we design your portfolio to thrive through inevitable market downturns.

This is the Harvest way, helping to meet your immediate liquidity needs, increase your portfolio's longevity, and preserve your legacy, so you can build the life you want for you and your loved ones. 

We think of it as living off the fruit of the tree, not the branches, trunk, or roots.

Harvest Wealth Leadership 

Reaping the Full Potential of Your Equity Compensation

Reaping the Full Potential of Your Equity Compensation

Equity compensation is an attractive form of compensation or incentive, but with its advantages come a unique set of challenges. Our harvesting strategy involves an aim to diversify your concentrated position, but we understand that it is not always advisable, practical, (and in some cases even possible) to sell concentrated shares at the outset of the portfolio construction process. We specialize in helping corporate executives and retired executives form a logical, systematic exit strategy and a comprehensive plan which integrates your concentrated stock. Additionally, if you are subject to blackout restrictions, we can advise you on diversifying those shares under a 10b5-1 plan or other relevant strategies.

Organizations Supporting Our Team 

Comprehensive Services

For affluent families, corporate executives and retired executives, we provide a robust range of financial services to help meet your many, changing and complex financial and planning needs. See how Harvest Wealth can help.

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Our Sustainable Approach

We provide a refreshingly thoughtful approach to wealth management through our harvesting strategies. Enjoy sustainable wealth management and longevity so you can build the life you want today and tomorrow.

Our Approach

Meet the Team

The Harvest Wealth team is comprised of highly educated, intelligent financial professionals whose like-minded passions are centered on providing excellent service to our clients and on the soundness of our harvesting strategies.

Our Team