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Scott Lowder

Scott Lowder

Founding Partner, Advisor

Scott began his financial services career in 1998, teaming with his mentor and now Harvest Co-Founder, Dean Packard. Both avid tennis players, they met — not in the office — but on a tennis court. Scott was finishing his senior year at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. where he played Division 1 varsity tennis for all four years, captaining the team in his final two years. Although Scott earned a degree in international affairs and was interested in politics at the time, Dean’s passion for his work in financial services was contagious. Thanks to Dean’s personal investment, Scott took a job at Dean’s firm and the two have worked side-by-side ever since. The duo joined Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in 2006 where Scott further honed his skills and industry experience, but it was there that he also learned what he wanted to do differently in the industry in order to better serve his clients and their best interests. As such, in June of 2022, Scott and Dean went on to form Harvest Wealth Management with their third partner, Vytas Maginnis. 

Today, as a Founding Partner and Advisor at Harvest Wealth, Scott finds that the most rewarding aspect of his job is the opportunity to form strong relationships with his clients in the midst of helping them build the life they want, especially since he holds many of the same values and priorities as his clients, like spending time with his family. Scott also finds great fulfillment when his clients maintain their financial course and confidence in the face of a volatile market, knowing that he and his team have planned and accounted for such inevitabilities. Not only does Scott empower his clients to build the life they want, but he also believes in doing the same for the advisors and professionals who work alongside him at Harvest, which he believes they can accomplish through providing excellent service and results for their clients.

Presently, Scott lives with his wife and three children in Scotch Plains, New Jersey where much of their extended family also resides. Scott, admittedly, relies heavily on his calendar to keep him on track in his personal life as much as his work life, as he chauffeurs his children around to their many activities. Competitive sports continue to be a favorite activity in his personal time, as well as coaching his children in youth sports.